Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Broken, by the divisive notion that spreads as a Wave,

A wave that consumes threatens, shakes

The very foundation, that laid for generations to thrive

Thrive beyond those boundaries that we fear are broken

Bent, the rules that we held as our armor,

Fear that spreads, victims and victimizers

The demarcation nil, laboring thoughts of incited violence

The perpetrated perceived as perpetrator

Weeping voices unheard, brutality camouflaged as unseen

Burnt, the soul of the nation,

A nation that fostered a million dreams

What is lost, is never gained,

But in hope and camaraderie

This wound must heal, the healing inevitable

For America, she thrives and survives

Catastrophes, wars, fascism

She stood tall in all of this, this is her destiny

Her moment of metamorphosis is here.

For those who believed, believe, and will believe,

America, she will rise, and rise she will forever.



Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

Clouded minds

Swarmed in hate and deceit

Of human value, or lack thereof

A step ahead is illusional

Deep-rooted venom staggers behind

To subdue, to rule, to own, to fall

The fall you will never see

In the end, you never stand tall

Your caste will save no life

Never yours you will reckon

That day humanity will stay

Clouds of minds must clear away.